How to Play Mobile Pokies

If you've played poker machines at your local gaming venue you should have no trouble playing on your mobile. There are some subtle differences between playing on your mobile compared to offline that you should be aware of.

This article covers the game play aspects of playing of on mobile. If you've never played online then we recommend reading our Getting Started with Mobile Casinos article.

Quick Start Steps

  • Login to your casino account
  • Select and load a game
  • Choose how much you want to bet
  • Press spin to play

Mobile Game Information

Some of the differences between offline and online games are outlined below.

Game Controls

Due to the fact that screen real estate is limited on mobile devices it's not uncommon for bet size options, game rules and other info to be on a separate screen to the main game.

This varies from software provider to provider. Some have a menu button on the main game while others such as Microgaming use the swipe function to move between the various screens.

Often all you will have on the actual game screen is a spin button so you have to get to the secondary screens to change your bet level, credit size and access game options like spin speed.

Money In / Money Out

When you play offline you simply insert coins or notes to get credit on a machine. When playing online your whole casino account balance is available for use whenever you load a game.

There is no collect button on the games themselves. Instead if you want to withdraw your winnings or change games you simply close the game and return to the casino lobby. There you can withdraw your winnings or select another game to play.

Line Formats

Another thing to keep in mind is that the line layouts on the some of the games is different to what you may be used to. We recommend having a look at the game rules before playing to see where the lines are.

Game Titles

If you're wondering why you can find the games that you play at your local gaming venue this is because the online pokie software companies are different to the companies that supply gaming machines to Australian pubs, clubs and casinos.

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